Approved Exterior Storm Doors

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Effective: September 20, 2012

The following list represents a comprehensive listing of Exterior Storm Doors which have been approved by the West Fork Village Home Owners Association Executive Board. No  other brands, models, colors or variations of Exterior Storm Doors are permitted to be  installed in West Fork Village. No exceptions whatsoever will be made regarding this comprehensive listing. Proper installation of any Exterior Storm Door is the sole responsibility of the unit owner.

 Manufacturer Anderson
Available at The Home Depot
Available at Lowes
 Size  36″ w X 80″ h  3 6 ” w X 8 1 ” h
Model Full-View without Self-Storing Screen Options:

• 4000 Series Fullview
• 3000 Series Fullview
• 2000 Series Fullview

Full-View with Self-Storing Screen Options:

• 3000 Series Self-Storing
• 2500 Series Self-Storing
• 2000 Series Self-Storing

Full-View without Self-Storing Screen Options:

• 349-20 Secure Elegance Full-View
• 349-17 Secure Elegance Full-View
• 349-04 Full-View
• 349-52 Full-View
• 350-04 Full-View
• 350-17 Full-View
• 277-FB Full-View

Full-View with Self-Storing Screen Options:

• 346-60 E Screen Away®
• 346-52E Screen Away®
• 346-60 Screen Away®
• 346-52 Screen Away®

Note: Partial View Doors, Specialty Doors, Etched
Glass, Stained Glass and/or Decorative Glass of any kind are strictly prohibited.
Color • Sandtone®
Note: Almond is NOT an acceptable color from this
•  Sandstone
Hardware • Contemporary Nickel
• Contemporary Brass
•  Brushed Nickel
•  Brass
Note: Antique Brass is NOT an acceptable
hardware finish from this manufacturer